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08. Mar 2022

At Flycom Technologies, we use the latest technology in the field of thermography to diagnose and interpret faults in power supply equipment quickly and efficiently. For transmission system operators in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and Sweden, we perform preventive, IR thermographic inspections of transmission networks, with which companies prevent potential “silent” losses of electricity on transmission lines, uncontrolled power outages at final customers and reduce the possibility of unexpected revenue losses.

From airborne inspection to data interpretation

In aerial thermographic inspections, we use an infrared (IR) camera, which provides non-contact measurements of all parts of power lines. IR cameras have a certified accuracy of determining the temperature to the nearest degree, which allows us to quickly determine the places on the power lines where overheating and possible energy losses occur, as each image contains calibrated temperature data embedded in each pixel.

Simultaneously with detailed aerial thermographic inspections of transmission lines, we also perform UV (corona) and video (visual) inspections of transmission lines, which include recordings of all places where errors were (were) diagnosed during the flight.

Cooperation with companies in Slovenia and abroad

At Flycom Technologies, we provide customers with key data to prevent electricity losses and enable further strategic decisions about the company’s operations through effective methods for accurate identification and rapid interpretation of faults in electricity supply equipment.

We have been successfully cooperating with the Slovenian company ELES in the field of air thermographic (IR) inspections of transmission lines for many years, and we also provide these high-quality services abroad – for the Austrian electricity distribution Kärnten Netz and system operators Austrian Power Grid (APG), German Tennet and Swedish Svenska kraftnät.