Assisting infrastructure companies in their quest for maximum efficiency

Using orthophoto and LiDAR technology as well as IR, UV and visual inspection cameras, we are able to capture, process and project the data necessary to provide business solutions, optimised for powerline and pipeline management.

Our basket of product solutions comprised of airborne inspections, asset management and management and maintenance planning enables our costumers to increase their asset utilisation, optimise maintenance costs, minimise network losses, increase work productivity and decrease existing software costs.


Electric utilities

Helicopter surveys of narrow power lines corridors above different terrain configurations, generating laser data and collecting images, allows detailed detection of pylons, wires and other objects. Monitoring vegetation encroachment on equipment allows reckoning of safety zones around wires and pylons.

Inspections of power lines and mechanical equipment with IR, UV and RGB cameras provide transmission and distribution system operators with accurate data of their system operability.

To visualise and manage clients data, GMS-GIS software combines data and allows to perform queries, visualise data, make measurements and a host of other options designed specifically for powerline management.

Pipeline utilities

The gas supply operates through an enormously large network of pipelines that often lead through rough terrain which makes inspection increasingly problematic. Our aerial methods of pipeline inspection proved to be the fastest, most practical and efficient solution.

Acquired data is analysed and presented in GMS-GIS software, where additional analyses such as change detections are performed.