Transportation & Urban Planning

Detecting reality, planning the future

Airborne laser scanning technology, IR inspection and aerial photos are essential for smart city planning. Technology enables infrastructure analyses, road and rail upgrades and planning of new transportation systems.  

LiDAR and orthophoto accurate digital models of urban environments enhanced by 3-D rendering software lets urban, regional planners and landscape architects to make a more comprehensive plan of their projects. Accurate 3-D digital models are essential to transmit planning data in an understandable way.


Road and rail planning

For planning and development of new transportation systems we produce high accurate maps with acquired data from our laser scanners and orthophotos. 

Road and rail mapping

Road and rail mapping are carried out using mobile mapping systems. Data is analyzed and its exact location with attributes is presented in our GMS-GIS software. Planning, monitoring and managing complex transportation systems is done effectively and in real time.

Development planning

LiDAR surveys can rapidly map complex sites and are well suited for producing accurate elevation data necessary for construction projects. Compared to traditional ground survey techniques we are able to estimate planning stages more precisely within a shorter time range.