Connecting "what" with "where" - Airborne Remote Sensing Technologies and GMS-GIS Software

Georeferenced spatial data – digital terrain models, classified laser point cloud data, aerial RGB and IR images and processed satellite imagery – adds substantial value when it is cross referenced with clients internal datasets.

Area’s risks, such as occurrence of flood, hail, lightening or forest fires, are presented in GMS-GIS for better understanding of historical recurrence of events. Other retrieved data and analyses, such as unstable terrain, insufficient insulation, etc. gives additional value to our clients.




Advanced high waters detection from various image datasets informs our clients of situation on terrain and allows us to produce awareness reports in actionable time frames. Cross referencing of data layers in GMS-GIS then enables visualisation of floods on policy holders’ locations.

Storm and hail reporting

GMS-GIS Module for storm and hail occurrences, built from extensive base of archived weather data.