Remote Sensing Solutions

Today’s remote sensing technologies supply spatial data for us to understand, analyse, visually present and manage our better tomorrow. 

Flycom is bringing highly accurate spatial data – we provide LiDAR data, orthophoto, thermal (IR) and UV imaging, visual inspections and analyses of satellite data to various governmental and private entities.


Products & Services

LiDAR Surveys

Flycom provides laser scanning and data analysis services with successful completion of more than 50.000 square kilometers of laser scanning projects. In addition to high resolution DTMs and DSMs, a wide variety of LiDAR based products can be produced using only point cloud geometric and intensity data or in complement with other sensory data (RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral).

Orthophoto Surveys

Acquisition and production of various datasets ranging from digital orthophoto to specific engineering plans, Flycom is a major producer of DOFs with resolutions of up to 2 centimeters. We also produce infrared (IR) orthophotos and integrate other sensors (RGB, multispectral or hyperspectral) for different mapping purposes.

IR Inspections

Aerial thermographic inspections of large infrastructural objects using infrared (IR) camera gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements. Every still image contains calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel. We provide utility companies with efficient, high-quality methods for identifying and interpreting faults on power delivery equipment and provide valuable data for decision making support with building and roof inspections, roads and railways infrastructure analyses and public safety.

UV Inspections

For the inspection and detection of corona discharge and arcing on overhead transmission lines and in substations, Flycom uses today's most advanced and sensitive daytime UV-inspection camera. The daytime capability makes corona inspection a low-cost procedure, without the need for nighttime inspections.

Visual Inspections

We offer different kinds of visual and video inspections to complement other diagnostic data. Based on high resolution still images and HD videos, visual overview and details are an efficient way of detecting changes and mechanical faults or extracting other information, such as irregularities, due to the montage errors and general estimation of the state of vegetation inside of inspected corridor.

Satellite images analysis

Satellite data brings new insights, through different approaches of automatic semantic segmentation and crossrefrecing it with clients data. Situation awareness reports are automatically produced in actionable time frames.

Main features

Orthophoto, infrared or vectored display

Inspection data (fault details, reports, terrain footage)

RGB & IR georeferenced video streaming

3D display - Unlimited LiDAR point cloud