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Mobile laser scanning of Ljubljana’s road network

09. Mar 2022

In the City of Ljubljana, municipal roads will be recorded by May 15 with mobile laser scanning (MLS) and spherical photography (SF). With the collected data, the municipality will gain an accurate and realistic insight into the state of public transport infrastructure under their management. They will improve their records and the new data will contribute to a more efficient management, planning, development and protection of municipal roads and traffic on it.


Mobile spatial data acquisition

Mobile spatial data acquisition in Flycom Technologies is performed with mobile laser scanning and spherical photography. We use a mobile system for capturing laser dots and spherical 360 ° high-resolution photos, which is installed on a mobile platform. The calibrated system we use allows the captured spatial data to be a few centimetres accurate.

Mobile laser scanning (MLS) enables the capture of large amounts of data in a short time using a system of laser scanners installed on the vehicle. The product of such scanning is a georeferenced point cloud along the measurement trajectory.

Spherical photography (SF) or spherical 360 ° photos are the result of the process of creating a series of photos using a specialized camera system. The photos are combined into a whole, which allows the user to interact with the virtual model (rotations, views, move, zoom) when using appropriate viewer.