Company Presentation

Sustainable business strategic transformation and development

30. Sep 2020

Flycom Technologies wants to become a leader in terms of sustainable business. In order to successfully realize our vision, we have successfully applied to the public tender “Promoting sustainable business strategic transformation and development of new business models in Slovenian companies to facilitate integration into global value chains”, led by the SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Fore­ign Investments and Technology.

Within the public tender, two sets of activities will be carried out (Lot A and Lot B). Under Lot A, Flycom Technologies will participate in the Academy of Sustainable Business Strategies and Models in Enterprises, organized by leading experts in the field of sustainable business. By participating in the Academy, the following activities will be carried out:

  1. preparation of a 4-5 year Sustainable Business Strategy,
  2. preparation / adaptation of business models,
  3. preparation of proposals for implementation projects to be carried out in the scope of Sustainable Business Strategy

The goal of successfully completed activities in Lot A, is to prepare a key implementation priority project, for which we will apply for funding under Lot B.