Integration of 3D city models and BIM: GeoBIM

17. Mar 2023

As part of the MSGeo Working Group training, of which we are a part, we attended a two-week workshop on the integration of BIM and GIS organised by EuroSDR.

The workshop was led by Francesca Noardo (Open Geospatial Consortium Europe, Belgium) and Ken Arroyo Ohori (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands).

Practical examples of conversions from BIM to GIS and vice versa and GeoBIM integration showed how the industry is advancing extremely fast in this field, both on a technical and theoretical level.

The baselines of 3D city models and building information models allow the comparison of two types of data (3D city model and BIM), and by analysing the possibilities of their integration, we have defined the steps needed to access the integrated dataset.