Public Tenders


28. Jan 2019


Our company Flycom is the receiver of funds on Public tender for co-financing of market researches, international forums and certificates in the year 2018, whose purpose is to increase competitiveness of micro, small and medium sized companies on foreign markets and to increase the internationalization level of this companies. Our company received the funds for co-financing the eligible costs for market researches.

By conducting the market research, our company Flycom wants to accurately evaluate the potential of launching their software solutions, based on Flycom’s own geographic information system GMS-GIS, on the insurance market in the Russian Federation. Our solution GMS-GIS for the insurance sector includes the software solutions, which address challenges for risk takers, claims managers, marketing and sales. The solution can be used in reinsurance sector and also in non-life insurance sector.

The market research will be conducted with the purpose of collecting the information from primary and secondary resources about the target market (Russia) and the competition, which is there currently present.

The research will be focused on identification and evaluation of the possibilities to introduce the new products and services on the target market, the evaluation of suitability to introduce the new products and services based on the needs of target market, preparation of the adjustment plan for the introduction of new products and services based on the needs of target market and identification of the appropriate sales channels on the target market. The final result of the market research will be comprehensive and structured data presentation about the target market (Russia) and the competition, which is currently present on this market.

Based on this, our company will obtain the extensive view on the Russian market, on which we intend to market our products and services from GMS-GIS insurance sector.

The investment is co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European Regional Development Fund