Have you heard about Flycom’s latest World Bee Day initiative? 

28. May 2024

At Flycom Technologies, we are committed to sustainable and responsible business towards society and the environment. This is one of our key values, which we implement through various projects and initiatives. On this year’s World Bee Day, May 20, we decided on a special campaign and gave young beekeepers from the Simon Jenko Elementary School their first learning apiary.

The beehive was made at the Vincenzo Draksler Foundation, where they gave the materials a new life by using recycled wood. The foundation not only gives second chances to things, but also to people. Their social entrepreneurship program provides ex-addicts and people with disabilities decent working conditions and the opportunity to integrate into society. Through this collaboration, we have supported sustainable entrepreneurship and social inclusion, which is consistent with our vision of creating a better future for all.


At Flycom Technologies, we strive for sustainable development and responsible management of the environment. Our operation is based on innovations and advanced technologies that enable better management of natural resources and protection of the environment. Our vision is to create a world where sustainable practices and care for the environment become the standard. By working with different partners and communities, we believe that we can achieve lasting positive change.

The apiary will serve as an educational tool for young beekeepers, which will further enrich their knowledge about bees and sustainable management. With this project, we want to encourage younger generations to actively participate in environmental protection and sustainable management. Through practical work, young beekeepers will learn the importance of bees, ecosystems and a sustainable approach to nature, which will give them solid knowledge and values ​​for the future.

We believe that together we can create a better and more compassionate world. Thank you to everyone who supports our sustainability initiatives and contributes to a better future for all of us.