Global Surveyors’ Day

21. Mar 2023

21 March is dedicated to surveyors. This year’s Global Surveyors’ Day (Home – Global Surveyors Day) event takes place in Paris, organised by the Association of Francophone Surveyors of the FGF and co-organised by the FIG and the CLGE – the world and European federations of surveyors.

One of the purposes of Global Surveyors’ Day is to highlight the individual surveyors who have shaped the history of surveying the Earth and thus co-created the surveying industry.
The French colleagues who organised this year’s event chose and highlighted Jean-Baptiste Joseph Delambre, the French mathematician, astronomer and surveyor, and Pierre François André Méchain, the French inventor of the metric system, who have contributed significantly to the development of the geodetic engineering industry.

Congratulations to all our colleagues on Global Surveyors’ Day!