At Flycom, we believe that GMS-GIS can help network operators to solve major challenges facing them.

Benefits of using GMS-GIS for fiber network operators are improved business case, lower project costs, better budget allocation, shorter time to market, reduced uncertainties, consistency and full project overview.



The use of GMS-GIS in telecommunications:


  • Segment your customers geographically
  • Forecast requests for your services
  • Execute targeted marketing campaigns


  • Survey and manage network in case of downtime or testing
  • Get immediate access to customer data, factory entries and signal status
  • Manage information about network elements
  • Predict and prevent breakdowns


  • Estimate potential of upgrade or expansion of the network
  • Estimate investment costs
  • Establish an optimised capacity network
  • Get a good basis for investment planning


  • Plan, design, roll-out and manage your network
  • Update and configure network routes
  • Support and optimise your work processes


  • Pair your coverage with business opportunities in a comprehensive manner
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Obtain customer and geospatial information


  • Manage customers based on location data
  • Inform customers about the status of the network
  • Optimise your customer service


  • Efficiently send maintenance teams to locations where malfunction occurred
  • Improve response times, drive times and territory coverage  
  • Optimise time and costs incurred by your field crews

GMS-GIS is a geographic information system used for efficient network design and management, showing objects and connections of the data model in user defined layers. The solution has a full set of GIS functionalities including query, measurement, filtering, bookmarking and spatial analysis features.


In partnership with Comsof, GMS-GIS is integrated with FiberPlanIT optimisation engine, an in-build mathematical cost optimisation module that automatically calculates the optimal allocation of nodes and allocation points taking into account the predefined cost parameters. This allows users to test different scenarios, retrieve accurate BOM and BOQ, reduce guesstimates etc.


GMS-GIS enables users an easy access and control over all the assets within the network thus: 1.) allowing assessment of network topology for locating assets, outages and customers; 2.) providing support for network maintenance; 3.) giving details on spare capacity etc.


For on-the-field surveys, data acquisition, redlining and analysis GMS-GIS can be used by surveyors, contractors and supervisors on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and GNNS tablets. Once data is captured or edited on the field it is automatically synchronised with the central database, which allows the engineering office to monitor and validate all on-the-field processes.



For network engineers used to design in CAD programs, GMS-GIS is fully integrated with Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, thus allowing seamless 2-way interaction between GIS and CAD environment when drawing or editing the fiber network.