Insurance has a strong spatial component with more than 85% of insurance data having a locational characteristics.

GMS-GIS combines business data layers of (re)insurance companies with third party geospatial data layers and subsequently enriching insurance data warehouses. (Re)insurance companies can thus better estimate new market opportunities, address risks and manage claims.



The use of GMS-GIS in insurance:


  • Understand risks better
  • Collect information on natural hazards and catastrophes
  • Improve risk assessment by modelling
  • Identify risk accumulation

Claims management

  • Investigate loss after significant events
  • Visualize and manage your assets on endangered areas
  • Improve coordination of teams in the office and on the field
  • Optimize routing

Sales and marketing

  • Adjust premium zones
  • Track geomarketing success of your sales team
  • Optimize sales territory
  • Perform spatial analyses
  • Focus marketing strategy

Customer management/CRM

  • Locate existing and potential customers
  • Identify the customers, which were affected by the hazards/catastrophes
  • Evaluate which potential catastrophes can affect your clients 
  • Allocate available resources in critical situations


  • Accurate, complete and updated database
  • Estimation of the (potential) losses
  • Share information between different departments
  • Allocate resources according to your risk exposure

GMS-GIS is a dedicated web-based application for collection, visualisation and analyses of spatial data, necessary for risk analyses, claims management and sales and marketing.


System’s ease of use enables quick adjustment to platform’s environment, which is accessible from desktop or mobile devices thus supporting insurance processes in office or on the field.


GMS-GIS is SAAS application with unlimited scalability, serving any number of users. As a web application, GMS-GIS can be hosted in the cloud or within client’s own server environment.


As GMS-GIS is Flycom’s proprietary software, it can be tailored to client’s individual needs.


Flycom development team is responsible for integrating GMS-GIS system with various ERP, BI and CRM systems.


GMS-GIS is actively used in insurance sector across different departments.