GIS Software Solutions

GMS-GIS is Flycom’s proprietary geographic information system that enhances spatial data management, visualisation and maintenance by enabling fast and easy way of accessing, editing and exchanging information across your organisation.

Building on more than a decade long experiences of delivering spatial data related products, Flycom’s GMS-GIS is used in different industry sectors where spatial data is a key component of the business processes. Our clients vary across different industries, most notably in energy management, insurance, public safety, telecommunications and government.

Products & Services


GMS-GIS is an advanced proprietary geographic information system, which combines geospatial and business intelligence. It enables capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing, and presenting spatial or geographic data in connection with business operations. It is customized for individual and specific needs of the user.

GMS-GIS Real Time Module

GMS-GIS Real Time Module is an extension of GMS-GIS system, which allows inbound and outbound connection of data streams, real-time processing, filtering and its management. Real-time event’s data is consumed and displayed immediately and the stream services on the other hand, allow for a low latency data flows of attribute and spatial data.

GMS-GIS AutoCAD Module

GMS-GIS AutoCAD Module is fully integrated with Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, thus allowing seamless 2-way interaction between GMS-GIS and CAD environment. It enables project preparation, display of all the GMS-GIS functionalities in AutoCAD environment, preparation and editing geometries in AutoCAD and synchronisation with GMS-GIS.

Main features

Inspection data (fault details, reports, terrain footage)

RGB & IR georeferenced video streaming

Measurements & calculations

3D display - Unlimited LiDAR point cloud

Customizable layer group & layer structure

Orthophoto, infrared or vectored display

Queries by location or by attribute information

Location data, attribute data and imagery