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Cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy

17. Jun 2022

Good relationship with academic sphere is crucial for Flycom Technologies. We are aware of the importance of connecting and exchanging expertise, experience, examples of good practice and knowledge on market demands, which makes services and products better, more innovative and more competitive. In addition, we need to point out that the faculty is also a key source for us to acquire our professional staff.

Study visit

In May, students of the Master’s degree in Geodesy and Geoinformatics came on a study visit.

As Vid Jakopin, Head of the Remote Sensing Department highlighted : “For us, such meetings are valuable, because the more the faculty is aware of the course and method of work and the challenges we face, the better prepares its students, our future colleagues for challenges that await them at employment. It’s a kind of a cycle from which we all benefit from in the end. ”

Participation in the GeoTAK project

A working meeting was held at the Flycom Technologies in June as part of the Erasmus + project of the GEOTAK project, which brings together four faculties from Europe and students and professors from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the presentation of the company and the work we do, the course of the GEOTAK project, we also exchanged examples of good practice.ž

GeoTAK, “Developing Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programs and Strengthening Research Networks in Geoinformation Technologies in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan” is a project funded under the Erasmus + program. Its purpose is to develop postgraduate study programs in the field of geoinformation technologies (GIT) and to strengthen cooperation in the field of research and innovation in the field of geoinformatics between higher education institutions, industry and public administration in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The project is coordinated by the Universidad Politècnica de València, and in addition to the University of Ljubljana, the European partners are the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH Stockholm) and the Vrije University in Brussels (VUB).