AGMS - Autonomous Grid Monitoring System

The Future of Infrastructure Management are Autonomous Solutions.

Today’s infrastructure network operators face the challenge of obsolete assets, limited amount of maintenance resources, suboptimal treatment of their assets and limited accessibility of good quality asset information.


Flycom is solving the problem and addressing the business opportunity with AGMS which will enable powerline operators to manage their assets via autonomous fleet of self-charging drones performing regular or on-demand inspections on the designated infrastructure corridors, thus effectively reducing or eliminating the need for manned terrain or helicopter powerline inspections.

autonomy and automation

The novelty of AGMS is in autonomy and automation of data acquisition, data processing and evaluation of infrastructure assets, technical conditions required for further asset management and health index calculations.


The system is based around three integrated components that are connected via Web based thin-client used for oversight over all subsystems flight planning and flight scheduling, GIS for whole network and alarms and reports send to critical personal.


AGMS is designed and developed in conjunction with the industry representatives. In this way, the approach tackles the biggest challenge of today’s drone industry – deploying fully autonomous, end-to-end, fully scalable UAV industry solution. The system has a major potential to be scaled to complete powerline network implementations with further developments in the segments of collision avoidance systems, computer vision algorithms, on-board data processing and automatic powerline fault interpretations.