Consulting Solutions

The latest segment in Flycom’s organisation, Consulting Solutions, is built on Flycom’s expertise in energy sector.

Utilizing the experiences in remote sensing and GIS, Flycom offers its clients the consulting expertise by conducting feasibility studies and implementing projects.

Products & Services

Market studies

Market studies define the main market characteristics for household and business users. They contain the essential information about the market size, market potential, market trends, market fluctuations, evaluation of market growth and profitability of the market. They also provide data and analyses about your clients and about the current competition.

Scheduling studies

Scheduling studies provide the data, which is critical for the effective scheduling of the important events and phases of the project. They also consist of optimized asset scheduling and employee scheduling. Based on this, you can predict the course of the project.

Technical studies

Technical studies provide the necessary information for the organization of consortiums / new work groups, which are needed at the project implementation phase. The studies contain identification of key resources (physical, intellectual, human and financial), key activities and key partnerships, as the main components for effective project implementation.

Financial studies

Financial studies provide the information about the financial aspect of the project. They contain the criteria of the financial perspective for the project feasibility. The studies define financing costs, capital sources and profitability of the investment. They also include the sensitivity analyses and risk analyses.

Patent studies

Patent studies provide you the information about the potential and current inventions, which can be registered as the patents. They also contain the calculations about the impact of registered patents on the competition and on the business operations.