Visual overview and details are an efficient way of detecting mechanical faults and extracting other information such as critical vegetation growth along powerline corridors.  Visual Inspection is based on high resolution still images and HD video.

Along each power line, HD video and digital photos of the towers are recorded. Several high resolution images are made from both sides of the tower so that the tower objects and equipment can easily be seen. With such a procedure we have the possibility of looking at mechanical malfunctions on power line elements or extract customer specific information in post-processing phase. Fast estimations of encroaching vegetation areas along a power line can be made. Exact measurements and corridor vegetation classifications of such encroaching areas can be calculated using LiDAR technology.

Wide angle representative images of every tower can be used to map the entire network in our GMS software through which additional geographic, geometric & descriptive data can also be added and merged into a powerful monitoring tool.


What we look at:

- Broken equipment - Mechanical failures - Loose bolts - Mast construction - Corrosion - Broken strands - Faulty spacers - Critical vegetation - Mising signs - Cracks - Missing isolating elements - Undersired corridor objects -