> Engineering

Terrain measurements using total station and GNSS instruments are usually combined with LiDAR data to produce information rich survey plans (scales of1 : 1000 and smaller) of 3D vector models.

> Forestry

Various specific maps can be produced using LiDAR derived elevation data in combination with other imagery. Multitude of information can be gathered and presented down to a single tree. The following products can be produced:

  • Canopy height models (CHM)
  • Single tree detection
  • Forest change detection
  • Species classification
  • Forest damge estimation
  • Biomas, volume & density calculations
  • ...

> Agriculture

Many agriculture related remote sensing techniques have been developed during recent years i.e. detection of cultivated fields, monitoring crop growth & crop damage assessments. Performing automatic and semi-automatic classifications we can calculate surface areas, field borders and detect annual changes.

> Environmental

Similar to above methodology a host of other thematic maps can be produced used in environmental management:

  • Land cover use mapping
  • Disaster prediction, assessment and monitoring
  • Species habitat simulations
  • Material deposits locations
  • ...