> Planning

In any construction planning an accurate terrain description needs to be provided using multiple datasets. We provide high-accuracy, high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs), survey plans and orthophoto datasets using airborne sensors, automatic algorithms and point cloud vectorization to achieve high quality and cost effectivness.

> Calculations

Geometrical and attribute information is key for any powerline management system. Maintenance engineers must have access to information such as tower locations, tower spans, wire sags at various loads, temperature and maximum wind effecting the powerlines. Based on such information several simulations can be produced to account for boundary conditions and consequently potential threats.

> Damage prevention

Any powerline damage caused by equipment destruction or malfunction results in a power outage that can represent a major financial loss and a danger to its nearby environment. Limited techniques for preventive inspection of powerlines are available that can detect problematic areas before the result of significant damage. With airborne inspection using multiple sensors we can detect areas of overheating, coronas, insulator damage etc.

> Ease of access and full control

Having a simple and efficient information system in place of monitoring complete powerline network and at the same time maintaining broad functionality can be a challange due to its complexity. We provide our clients with such a system and the optionality to perform queries, visualize data, make measurements and a host of other options designed specificaly for powerline management.