One of our key preventive techniques during aerial inspection is thermographic survey of large infrastructural objects using infra-red (IR) camera. With a team of highly trained specialists, we provide electric utilities with efficient, high-quality methods for identifying and interpreting faults on power delivery equipment. In our more than ten years of experiences we have performed powerline inspections in many countries all over Europe.

Periodic examination of network assures the optimal way of monitoring the state of infrastructure. By inventory of critical elements that show signs of overheating, the our clients can replace these elements before possible malfunction or unexpected power outage during operation. We use a high-performance infra-red camera with double lense system for quick identification of overheating spots from a safe distance.

By observing and analyzing the thermal signature of an operating component, the thermographer is able to provide valuable information about the continued operability of that component. Using the latest equipment, our team of trained thermographers is able to detect overheating and assist in prioritizing repair and replacement schedules.Results can assist in reducing outages, limiting replacement costs, improving service reliability, and avoiding downtime.

On board the helicopter, a professional high-end system ensures superb image quality and high precision measurement accuracy. Our airborne inspection services include the data analysis as well as complete and extensive documentation in print and in electronic form.


What we look at:

- Phase conductors - Conductor splices - Termination hardware - Ceramic insulators - Non-ceramic insulators - Pole tops and hardware - Switches - Transformers - Compression fittings - Capacitors - Fuses - Buses -