Flycom's GMS 3 software was internally designed based on more than a decade of experiences from working with infrastructure companies around the world to develope a complete management solution for client working with complex information structures based on multiple data bases systems.

GMS 3 successfully tackles all of the biggest management and maintenance difficulties by connecting all of spatial, attribute and other data and combines it into a simple easy to use management tool.


GMS main advantages:

  • Data access through a single platform
  • Simplified work-process for better management efficiency
  • Web-based
  • Off-line mode
  • Multi-platform (Desktop, tablet or phone)
  • Multiple format inputs (all modern spatial data formats)
  • Fully customizable data layers & displays
  • User access hierarchy
  • Automatic database synchronization
  • Compliancy to standardized data formats
  • Free updates & newly added features


GMS features:

  • Customizable layer group & layer structure
  • Orthophoto, infrared or vectored display
  • Queries by location or by attribute information
  • Location data, attribute data and imagery
  • Inspection data (fault inspection details, reports, terrain footage,...)
  • Access to RGB & IR video through a click on a map
  • Measurements & Calculations
  • 3D display - Unlimited point cloud
  • More...


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