Flight School

Build a long-lasting relationship in a high quality training environment

Our instructors

Roman Bernard
Person responsible +386 4 581 20 00 roman@flycom.si
Jure Olaj
Head of Training +386 4 581 20 00 jure.olaj@flycom.si

What can you learn?

  • Helicopter sport license PPL (H)
  • Helicopter professional license CPL (H) – integrated and modular
  • Type Rating Training for the Eurocopter EC120B and Eurocopter AS350B2
  • Training for Flight Instructors (FI) and Type Rating Instructors (TRI EC120 and TRI AS350)
  • Authorization Acquisition, on how to record or photograph from a helicopter, external cargo transport, training for ground operators and other support staff
  • We have a full-time employed flight instructor and Type Rating instructor, in addition, we have a contractual relationship with 4 flight instructors, all of which are highly motivated professionals. In recent years, we have trained 22 sport helicopter pilots PPL (H) and 16 professional helicopter pilots CPL (H).