Flycom is industry‘s leading provider of airborne preventive and predictive maintenance services, data processing and data management solutions for power and gas grid operators.


Flycom’s vision is to continue to be the best choice for fast and efficient preventive airborne monitoring and laser scanning in Europe. Through preventive airborne monitoring we are trying to significantly contribute towards a more reliable infrastructure in the energy sector. Through constant ongoing development and investments into the latest technologies and techniques, we offer our clients the most accurate results in the field of modern surveying. In addition, we are continually improving and developing our proprietary GIS software for managing technical databases, with the aim of satisfying our customers individual needs. Flycom’s policy is to offer a complete package of services, from preventive airborne monitoring and surveying to the implementation of the results in the software.



Using the latest equipment and technologies and a team of highly trained specialists, we provide electric utilities with efficient, high-quality methods for identifying and interpreting faults on power delivery equipment.

The non-contact, remote inspection capabilities of our technologies make them extremely appealing for on-line, in-service inspection applications. Using our combined services improves the efficiency of the overall facility inspection and enables detection of previously hard-to-identify fault sources.

For optimal preventive and predictive maintenance, we utilize the helicopters Eurocopter EC 120B and AS 350 B2, which have been specially modified, for our specific operations.